In the beginning ~ before the void
There was a lonely silence
And this silence was the essence
And this silence was insane
Now it came to pass that the silence
Became restless became ruthless became vast
And the silence became future became present became past

In the midst of the silence there dwelt a place
And the place dwelt in the silence
And the silence dwelt in the place
This place ~ this formless needless nameless place
Void of all substance scripture and lore
Conceived in an instant born evermore
Tacit be thy name Thyestean be thy game

And it came to pass while Thyestes lay in wait a need arose
And arising from this need there came a wanting
And in the wanting amidst the need
Dwelling in the silence burst forth the seed
And in the seed was born a thought
And the thought was like unto a blaze of blinding light

And in the blinding light there born a substance
And in the substance there borne the thought
And the thought became the substance
And the substance burst into being
And the being burst into thought
And the thought roamed in the silence
In the silence of the thought
And the thought knew well
Yet the thought knew not ~

Tommy D____ December 1999

NOTE received from Pete Townshend - 2006
"Really good poem, Tommy - REALLY good"